Using Wyndham Rewards for Vacasa Vacation Rentals


A great use for Wyndham Rewards points is to redeem them for stays on Vacasa Vacation Rentals.  Vacasa Vacation Rentals is a site similar to Airbnb or Vrbo.  These sites are basically management companies that condo or home owners use to rent their properties.  

Wyndham rewards charges 15,000 points per night per bedroom.  So if you were looking at a 1-bedroom property it would cost 15,000 points per night, a 2-bedroom property would cost 30,000 points per night, and so on.  The only limitation it seems is that the average cost per night after taxes and fees has to be less than $500 per bedroom in order to use Wyndham Rewards points.  If the average cost per bedroom is more, you won't be able to use your points.  It also seems like there could be blackout dates for certain properties.  

This is important to note since you can transfer Citi points to Wyndham, but before you do, it would be a good idea to call Vacasa to make sure the property you are interested in is available to book with points.  Unfortunately, you can't book these online using points, you will have to call to make the reservation.  The Vacasa phone number to make reservations using points is 1-800-441-1034.

I recently made my first 1-bedroom booking on the Hawaiian island of Kauai using my Wyndham Rewards points for 15,000 points per night.  I reserved this property for 4 nights, so my total cost was 60,000 Wyndham Rewards points and no additional out-of-pocket costs.  The cost if I had rented this property with cash would have been $1,808.83, so the value I received per Wyndham Rewards point was a little over 3 cents per point, which is a great use of points.  The property looks pretty nice so hopefully there are no issues once we get there.

As mentioned previously, you can transfer your Citi ThankYou points to Wyndham or you can apply for one of the 3 Wyndham credit cards from Barclays to earn points.  Wyndham points go on sale from time to time for less than a penny a point too.  Of course, you can also earn points on actual stays at Wyndham hotels too.

A great benefit of having one of the Wyndham credit cards, is that you will receive a 10% discount on award stays.  So that means instead of 15,000 points per bedroom per night, it would only cost 13,500 points per bedroom per night, which is an even better deal!

So to conclude this is a great use of Wyndham Rewards points.  In my opinion, it seems possible to get much better value redeeming with Vacasa Vacation Rentals compared to redeeming your points for Wyndham Hotel properties.

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