Citi ThankYou Points Handbook


You can earn Citi ThankYou points with any of the following credit cards.


No Annual Fee Credit Cards
Citi Rewards+
2 points at supermarkets and gas stations, up to $6K per calendar year
1 point everywhere else
- Round up to the nearest 10 points in every purchase

Citi Custom Cash
5 points per $1 in your top eligible category each billing cycle, up to the first $500
1 point everywhere else

Citi Double Cash
2 points on purchases, 1 point when you buy, plus an additional 1 point when you pay

Annual Fee Credit Cards
Citi Premier ($95/year)
3 points on restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, air travel, and hotels
1 point everywhere else


You can use your points for cash back, redeeming for gift cards, shopping, and booking travel through the Citi Travel portal for a maximum of 1 cent per point and sometimes less depending on how you choose to redeem them.  The best use of Citi points will most likely be to transfer to the partners outlined below for better value.


You are allowed to share points with another ThankYou member.  The one thing to keep in mind is that these shared points are only valid for 90 days from the date received.  So only share points when the other member is ready to use them.  There is also a limit of sharing 100,000 points per calendar year.  If you only have the Citi Custom Cash card then you will not be eligible to share points. 


You can transfer your Citi points to the following Airlines and Hotels at these standard rates.  Throughout the year they usually have bonus offers to redeem for more than the standard rate.  These offers will always vary, so there's no way to know for sure if any particular airline or hotel will have a bonus that year.

These include the following Airlines:
AeroMexico (1:1 per 1,000)
Air France KLM (1:1 per 1,000)
Avianca (1:1 per 1,000)
Cathay Pacific (1:1 per 1,000)
Emirates (1:1 per 1,000)
Etihad (1:1 per 1,000)
Eva Air (1:1 per 1,000)
JetBlue (1:1 per 1,000)
Qantas (1:1 per 1,000)
Qatar (1:1 per 1,000)
Singapore Airlines (1:1 per 1,000)
Thai (1:1 per 1,000)
Turkish Airlines (1:1 per 1,000)
Virgin Atlantic (1:1 per 1,000)

and Hotels:
Accor (1:0.5 per 1,000)
Choice (1:2 per 1,000)
Leading Hotels of the World (1:0.2 per 1,000)
Wyndham (1:1 per 1,000)

By transferring to partners it's possible to get even more value from your Citi points than redeeming through the Citi Travel portal for a fixed value.  Of course this will depend on which partner you use and the redemption you are looking at.  So, before transferring your points to a partner, it's important to check the value you are getting to make sure it's actually better.  Also, always remember to make sure any redemption is available to book before you transfer your points to any partner.  Once transferred, the points will be stuck with that partner.  You can't reverse the transfer.

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